Corpus Linguistics, Context and Culture
Corpus Linguistics, Context and Culture, edited by Viola Wiegand and Michaela Mahlberg (2019)

The collection Corpus Linguistics, Context and Culture, edited by ELAL academics Viola Wiegand and Michaela Mahlberg, has been published by De Gruyter in the Discourse Patterns series (editors Ingo H. Warnke and Beatrix Busse).

The volume demonstrates the potential of corpus linguistic methods for investigating language patterns across a range of contexts. Organised in three sections, the chapters range from detailed case studies on lexico-grammatical patterns to fundamental discussions of meaning as part of the ‘discourse, contexts and cultures’ theme. The final part on ‘learner contexts’ specifically emphasises the need for mixed-method approaches and the consideration of pedagogical implications for real world contexts. Beyond its contribution to current debates in the field, this edited volume indicates new directions in cross-disciplinary work.

Contributors: Helen Baker, Beatrix Busse, Dagmar Deuber, Hildegunn Dirdal, Gregory Garretson, Anne-Line Graedler, Ian Gregory, Eva Hänsel, Daniel Hartmann, Hilde Hasselgård, Mark Kaunisto, Rolf Kreyer, Tove Larsson, Magnus Levin, Tony McEnery, Alessandra Molino, Susan Nacey, Ute Römer, Sylvi Rørvik, Juhani Rudanko, Wolfgang Teubert, Keiko Tsuchiya and Leonie Wiemeyer