Professor Davide Calebiro

University of Birmingham Professor Davide Calebiro will be the recipient of the European Journal of Endocrinology Award 2020.

The Award is one of the major Laureate Awards of the European Society of Endocrinology. It is awarded on an annual basis to a scientist less than 45 years of age who has contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge in the field of endocrinology through publication.

Professor Davide Calebiro, of the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research, receives the award for his ground-breaking work on the function of G protein-coupled receptors, examining their fundamental mechanisms and their role in endocrine disease.

Of the award, Professor Calebiro said: “I am humbled and honoured to be the recipient of the award.

“This is a great recognition not only for myself but, most importantly, also for the many students, colleagues and wonderful collaborators I had the pleasure to work with during the past 20 years.

“This was literally a scientific journey that, from Milan, has brought me to live and work in Sweden, Germany and, more recently, the United Kingdom.

“In this historical moment, it makes me particularly proud to be part of the European Society of Endocrinology family, which is playing a major role in fostering international co-operation and supporting the career of the next generation of European endocrinologists.

“Finally, and most importantly, thanks goes to my family and my past mentors, without whom I would not stand where I am today.”

The award will be presented at the 22nd European Congress of Endocrinology, which will be held from May 23rd to 26th 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic, where Professor Calebiro will deliver a plenary lecture.