Besnik Tahiri

Besnik Tahiri, who completed his Masters in Local Government and International Development at the University of Birmingham in 2006, was appointed the first Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo in June 2020.

Mr. Tahiri served as the National Coordinator for State Reforms in the 2017-2019 Government of the Republic of Kosovo, leading and coordinating the state reform process, including the public administration reform law package; law on government; coordination with municipalities; and cooperation with local and international organisations and partners involved in the state reform processes. Speaking of his time in the International Development Department Besnik said:

"My personal and professional success would not have been possible without my journey at International Development Department (IDD), University of Birmingham. The theoretical and practical knowledge I gained at IDD are two of my best companions throughout my professional endeavours. I thank my professors, fellow students and every member of IDD for their guidance, encouragement and support."

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