This week on Behind the Scenes at BLS, law student Eoin Campbell reflects on how the study of law and being part of the wider University experience makes higher education such a rich experience.

Eoin Campbell

The thing I enjoy most about studying law is realising how different people view the law and how it should operate. I love learning about the differing views on what law is for, and the disagreements about the moral aspects of law. I had great enjoyment exploring this in my Legal Skills and Methods module last year, with my summative essay focusing on the moral arguments in support of illegal whistleblowing. Reading about Chelsea Manning in my early teenage years was what first got me interested in law and I was extremely grateful to have the chance to explore this and my other interests in Birmingham, having been given the tools to properly research this topic.

While this is my second year in Birmingham Law School, I actually began my journey in Birmingham in the medical school. I studied there for a year. Following a loss I decided to take some time out of studying. I realised that medicine was not the path for me and instead decided to pursue law, which had been my other main interest in school. I’m extremely grateful to Professor Fiona de Londras who met up with me over a cup of coffee the year before I returned to study and discussed the programme with me. That was just the first instance of staff being incredibly good to students here, they have all been wonderfully supportive and always make time to discuss issues with their students, whether they be related to the content of the course, a random question you might have about the law, or just life in general.

I think the University and the Law School offer a huge range of opportunities for students to get involved in extracurricular activities, whether relating to law or not. Last year I was part of the Law School team that was entered into a sports law competition hosted by Gateley. It took place in the Etihad Stadium in Manchester and was a fantastic day, with opportunities to meet students at other universities and also get to know people in Birmingham Law School better. This year I am also the President of the Gaelic Football Club. I’ve been involved with them throughout my time at Birmingham, and while things are difficult with Covid-19, being able to get out for an hour or two, see your friends and run around with some footballs is a great stress reliever.