Bringing ideas and skills to life with the UoB Capgemini Community Challenge

What should the workforce of the future to look like? Diverse leadership and equality throughout? Trust within and between organisations? For many businesses, particularly at this time, their success depends on the speed at which they can adapt and evolve.

At the University of Birmingham, we promote thought-leadership with responsible and ethical practice at heart. Our Business School programmes are developing a new generation of responsible leaders and entrepreneurs with the skills needed to change and challenge businesses. Across education and research, we are stepping up as critical contributors to the responsible business agenda, for positive societal impact. Businesses and leading organisations are choosing to work with the University of Birmingham to develop the workforce and workplaces of the future and some, like Capgemini, have strong, embedded relationships in the Business School, supporting and helping us to drive this change. 

Capgemini are global leaders in consulting, technology services and digital transformation and passionate about supporting communities where they operate. The University of Birmingham Capgemini Community Challenge, soon to be in its tenth year, sees undergraduate participants work with Capgemini Consultants to develop their business, planning and interpersonal skills through tangible solutions-based consultancy projects for third-sector clients local to the Midlands. Examples include the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, Age Concern, Air Ambulance and Shropshire Wildlife Trust.  

This programme has been commended by our partners as an exemplary means of generating innovative ideas and new solutions for the charitable organisations while boosting our students’ professional development, employability and their sense of purpose, community and responsibility.  

The Challenge is championed by Capgemini's Corporate Vice President, Billie Major:

"We get so much energy from the students during the week. It's moving to see just how much they gain from the experience and achieve for their charity. It's great to collaborate with the Birmingham Business School in this way, and we actively look forward to the students descending upon us every year!"

Year on year, feedback from students is glowing: 

"During my week on the Capgemini Community Challenge, I learnt so much. It was an invaluable experience which I would recommend to everyone. We had the opportunity to work with a real charity client and develop viable solutions and deliverables for a specific issue they faced. During the process, I developed many skills including time management, presenting and prioritisation. I met so many great people and made lots of new friends, all of whom I have stayed in touch with. I am very grateful to everyone at Capgemini for this great experience, and I wish I could do it all over again. Most of all, I enjoyed discovering how much we could help our client – Small Woods."

Amelia Wildmore-Evans, BSc Business Management (with a Year in Industry)

This is just one example of innovative partnerships at Birmingham that live up to the vision of our Business School to “Promote Curiosity and Thought Leadership for Responsible Business" and meet our aim of developing professionals capable of helping to transform the organisations of the future.