Richard Lehman (1)
Photo of Professor Richard Lehman

Richard Lehman, Professor of the Shared Understanding of Medicine from the Institute of Applied Health Research, is back writing for the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in their blog posts.

Up until 2018, Professor Lehman had been writing for the BMJ blog for 20 years. Recently starting back up again featuring his good-natured humour and typical insight, he will be reviewing COVID-19 literature on a weekly basis– the first of which is on the topic of quarantine.   

Professor Lehman said: “the duration of quarantine following COVID-19 is a vexed issue. Studies show that viral shedding can continue for up to at least three weeks following the onset of infection, but most guidelines give a ‘get out of jail card’ to convalescents a week sooner. “Is a 14-day quarantine period optimal for effectively controlling coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)?” asks an article from China and (not surprisingly) answers no”.

Catch-up with his weekly reviews of medical journals in the BMJ blog.