Statistics for Linguists: An Introduction Using R

A member of our Centre for Corpus Research, Bodo Winter, has recently published a new book called Statistics for Linguists: An Introduction Using R with Routledge University Press.

The book is the first introduction to statistics that uses tidyverste style code and actively promotes open science and reproducible research methods. The emphasis is on learning the linear model framework and its extensions, including generalized linear models such as logistic regression and Poisson regression applicable to corpus linguistics. The book is written in an accessible manner, with examples from all subareas of linguistics, including corpus linguistics. The book includes hands-on R exercises that teach the R programming language with applications to real data in a friendly way, explaining the meaning and use of each and every function.

The book is useful for advanced undergraduates, but also MA and PhD students as well as active researchers who want to stay up-to-date with R programming and statistics.