CELEBRATE Success for Institute for Mental Health

Professor Rachel Upthegrove, Dr Anna Lavis and Niyah Campbell, with colleagues in KCL have been awarded just under £1M from UKRI for the CELEBRATE project.


CELEBRATE involves co-producing a framework of guiding principles for Engaging representative and diverse cohorts of young peopLE in Biological ReseArch in menTal hEalth. 

The project is co-led by researchers and young people from three different UK locations (London, Birmingham and Bradford). Together, and working with parents and teachers, the project will use co-production to develop a “Framework of Guiding Principles” - a document that will tell researchers interested in studying biology and mental health in young people to best approach research, what makes them interested to stay involved, what roles they would like to play in the research team, and what benefits they would like to see from taking part.

This is a focused, essential project that is a much needed first step to advance our understanding of developing mental health disorders in young people, a key focus of the Institute for Mental Health. CELEBRATE will allow future research projects to be successful, recognising the essential role of the developing body and brain in mental health.

Professor Rachel Upthegrove

Rachel is Professor of Psychiatry and Youth Mental Health at the University of Birmingham, and Consultant Psychiatrist in the Birmingham Early Intervention Services. Her research Interest is within the field of major mental illness; particularly developing psychosis and depression. Recent projects have developed the investigation of inflammatory models of psychosis and machine learning in prognostic indicators in early phases of developing mental ill health.

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