Dr Melanie Madhani

This international award is based on a selection of talented global researchers who have been recognised and nominated from various Japanese universities for their research outputs. The JSPS panel shortlisted 125 candidates from multidisciplinary research areas and awarded Melanie with an Invitational Fellowship for Research in Japan. As a result, Melanie will be visiting Japan for 2 weeks to conduct presentations on her research, and will spend time with her host researcher at Tohoku University to strengthen collaborative links with the University of Birmingham.

Melanie is an Associate Professor in Cardiovascular Medicine at the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences. In response to receiving this illustrious JSPS award, she said “I am privileged to receive such an award that acknowledges my recent discovery in how redox sulfur species regulate blood pressure”.

JSPS have a number of programmes that provide overseas researchers who have an excellent record of research achievements with an opportunity to conduct collaborative research, discussions and lectures, and opinion exchanges with researchers in Japan. These programmes are intended to promote science and internationalization in Japan.