Dr Jon Hazeldine
Dr Jon Hazeldine

Dr Jon Hazeldine, Research Fellow based within the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing at the University of Birmingham, has been awarded a Career Development Award by the Medical Research Council (MRC) with a total funding of £1.2M. 

The MRC Career Development Award is a competitive non-clinical fellowship which aims to support talented post-doctoral researchers to lead their own research and establish their own research team. The fellowship is awarded for a maximum duration of five years and assists post-doctoral researchers in making the transition from post-doctoral researcher to an independent investigator. 

During this fellowship, I plan to exploit the unique research environment provided by the University of Birmingham to launch my independent career and drive the emerging field of trauma immunology with the ultimate aim of improving patient outcomes.

Dr Jon Hazeldine, Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham

The award will allow Dr Hazeldine to create his own research group and establish both internal and external collaborations with research leaders in the field of immunology and immune regulation to tackle a topic that is of global significance and clinical importance, namely the increased susceptibility of major trauma patients to the development of hospital-acquired infections.

Collaborating with Dr Hazeldine on this prestigious fellowship are Professors Simon Jones, Zubair Ahmed, and Claudio Mauro based within the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing. Dr Hazeldine will also have an external collaboration with Dr Sian Henson based at Queen Mary University of London. 

Dr Hazeldine is currently working on research related to the acute response to major trauma under the guidance of Professor Janet Lord. A PhD alumnus of the University of Birmingham, his doctoral research investigated the impact of age on the human immune function and he has published over 40 research articles, book chapters and review papers on the topics of the immune system, ageing and trauma.