A manuscript known as Braithwaite Greek 6
A portion of Braithwaite Greek 6, one of the manuscripts included in the catalogue.

The catalogue, entitled Greek Manuscripts in Birmingham: A Catalogue, comprises seventeen Greek manuscripts copied between the eleventh and eighteenth century and held by the Cadbury Research Library in the University of Birmingham and by Woodbrooke College. It is published this week in Open Access in the peer-reviewed online journal The Byzantine Review. The contributors number five doctoral students associated with ITSEE (Clark Bates, Gavriil-Ioannis Boutziopoulos, Panagiota Mantouvalou, Jacopo Marcon and Andrew J. Patton) and Dr Georgi Parpulov who, until recently, was a research fellow on the CATENA project in ITSEE.

In the words of the authors, the goal of this catalogue is ‘to facilitate research on the collection and encourage its use for teaching’, as it ‘provides an instructive glimpse of medieval and early modern book culture in the Hellenic world’. Sixteen colour illustrations are included, providing samples of the scribal hands in these manuscripts.

Congratulations to Georgi and his team on bringing some of Birmingham’s manuscript treasures to light in this way!