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Birmingham is one of eleven Higher Education institutions whose Natural Sciences degrees have been accredited due to achieving standards set out in the Society’s accreditation framework. The degrees—part of the University’s Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences (LANS) programme—were recognised as offering outstanding quality interdisciplinary science education, providing students with excellent learning opportunities and skills development to prepare them for future careers in research, education, business or industry.

Accreditation of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences’ BSc and MSci Natural Sciences programmes by the Society for Natural Sciences is testament to the many years of hard work put in by every member of LANS staff in order to deliver a unique and transformative education of the highest quality. It recognises Birmingham’s position—driven by LANS—at the very forefront of radically interdisciplinary science education in the UK and provides us with the impetus to continue improving for future generations of students. I’d like to thank the entire Natural Sciences team for their hard work in putting together our successful accreditation submission.

Dr Ilija Rašović, Director of Natural Sciences at the University of Birmingham

Professor Nicky King, Chair of the Society for Natural Sciences, says “We are proud to have implemented this first of its kind interdisciplinary accreditation scheme, which is already improving the way interdisciplinary science is taught in the UK. We’re delighted for all those successful institutions and hope this is just the start of a rewarding partnership with them, and others who apply in the future, to continue to raise both standards and opportunities for studying interdisciplinary science in the UK”

LANS at The University of Birmingham was also mentioned for standing out for providing an excellent learning environment, vibrant social programme, and team of dedicated academic and support staff.