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The powerful film charts the experiences of children born of sexual violence during the conflict in Northern Uganda. Telling the story of 15 children taking part in a documentary-dance-theatre workshop project in which they explore their experiences, the stigma they face in everyday life, and their routes towards healing. The project seeks to support them to recognise their potential and exercise their rights.

The collaborative efforts of a number of partners supported the facilitation of the programme, including Horizon2020 funding of the European Union and the University of Birmingham, as well as the AHRC who supported both the original research and the follow-on theatre and film projects. The project was a collaboration with vardo films, the University of Leipzig, The Alpha Group, FAPAD, The film was produced by Dheeraj Akolkar, of Vardo Films, and draws on research at the University of Birmingham which explored the life courses of children born of war rape in Northern Uganda and other countries.

This film has shown that genuine co-production of academic researchers, research participants and the creative sector is possible and can support a route towards sustained and sustainable collaborations that will live on well beyond the original research activities.

Sabine Lee - Professor in Modern History.

The Rose Sidgwick Award for External Engagement and Impact recognises academic activity that has created meaningful change at a civic, national or international level through demonstrably delivering societal benefits whether economic, social, environmental or cultural.  

This Award sits within the wider 'Founders Awards' event that recognises the very best academic work in our University. They also provide an opportunity to recognise our outstanding academic colleagues and celebrate their achievements with our most distinguished friends and stakeholders.