Johannes Carmesin, left, being awarded a 2023 European Prize in Combinatorics
Johannes Carmesin (left) being awarded a 2023 European Prize in Combinatorics

The European Prize in Combinatorics is awarded biennially to young European researchers under the age of 35 for their international achievements in their research. Johannes was presented with his award at Eurocomb 2023 at Charles University, Prague, where he gave a European Prize in Combinatorics lecture.

The prize was awarded "for his profound work in structural graph theory, particularly for his results on embeddings of 2-dimensional simplicial complexes to 3-space (Kuratowski Type Theorems)".

There were only two European Prizes in Combinatorics awarded this year. Felix Joos, a former postdoc at Birmingham in the Combinatorics, Probability and Algorithms group from 2015 to 2019, was presented with the other award. This second award is based on work Felix had been doing during his time in Birmingham, together with various co-authors, some of which are still around.

Alongside the recent awarding of the 2021 Fulkerson Prize to various members of the group, this once again demonstrates the internationally leading role its researchers hold throughout all career stages.