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Law building, University of Birmingham

This meeting completed a two-month process of discussions of the new draft ESA procurement regulations with the members of the ESA Procurement Review Board, which is part of the review system of the Agency for aggrieved bidders for its contracts. Professor Trybus was a member of that Board 2010-2016 and was appointed again in 2020 (members can only serve two successive three-year terms). In 2022 he was elected Chair until 2024.

The Board consists of six members from academia, industry, and retirees from the Agency itself. The are proposed by various stakeholders (Professor Trybus was proposed by the Director General) and appointed by the ESA Council (representing the governments of the ESA Member States). The meeting on 1 September as well as an online meeting in August and written feedback communicated by Board members focussed on the rules of the reviews process in the draft ESA Regulations.