Promotions to Associate Professor

Congratulations to Cyril Closset, Xiaocheng Shang, Panayiota Touloupou, and Alexandra Tzella, who have all been promoted to Associate Professor.

Picture of Aston Webb building with text "Congratulations on promotion to Assistant Professor!"

The School of Mathematics is excited to announce the promotion of four of our members to Associate Professor.

Cyril Closset specialises in string theory, quantum field theory, and other aspects of theoretical physics at the interface between high-energy physics and pure mathematics. The overall theme of his research is supersymmetry, used as a powerful theoretical concept that connects together many exciting areas of physics and mathematics. Cyril has also recently established and is overseeing a new mentoring scheme for postdoctoral researchers in the School.

Xiaocheng Shang's primary research interests lie in the optimal design of numerical methods for stochastic differential equations with a strong emphasis on applications ranging from computational mathematics, statistics, physics, to data science. Xiaocheng has recently been appointed an Assistant Professor on the B15 campus, having previously worked as part of our J-BJI team, where he was Director of Quality Assurance.

Panayiota Touloupou's research mostly involves aspects of stochastic epidemic models, and applying and developing statistical methodology for the study of infectious diseases. Panayiota is a member of our J-BJI team. She is also a very active member of the EDI committee; one of her responsibilities is the development of the package for statistical analysis of Culture Surveys, which she also shares with other Schools from the EPS College.

Alexandra Tzella's work has focused on employing mathematical and computational methods to develop new models that provide better descriptions and efficient predictions of the concentrations in a number of idealised and environmental situations, with particular emphasis on environmental issues such as the distribution of plankton species in the ocean and contaminants in groundwater aquifers. Some of Alexandra’s important contributions to the work of EDI committee is developing the Family Leave guide and being at the foundation of us joining the Piscopia Initiative.

Please follow the links to check out each individual member’s web profile for an overview of their academic careers and other activities.