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Over the years, our alumni have ventured into diverse sectors and an array of important roles in international companies. Celebrating two decades of the MSc International Business Programme is also a celebration of the remarkable achievements of our graduates. To help commemorate this special occasion, we have asked a few of our many outstanding alumni to share their experiences and memories of MSc IB.

Irmak Yolcu

Irmak Yolcu (Class of 2009)

Nuvei, Senior Business Development Manager

“Completing an MSc in International Business has had a profound impact on both my life and professional career development. This educational journey has not only enriched my knowledge but also shaped my perspective on the global business landscape. It has been a catalyst for my career and helped me secure positions with a more global focus, and I have been able to take on roles with higher responsibilities and better compensation. The advanced degree also made me a more attractive candidate for employers seeking individuals with international experience and global perspective. I have developed a deep understanding of how businesses operate in different parts of the world, considering cultural, economic, and political factors. This broadened perspective has been invaluable, especially in a world where business is increasingly interconnected. I am working remotely for an international top-tier payments company and MSc has been directly applicable in my professional life, enabling me to make informed decisions and contribute more effectively to my organization. My connections from MSc have opened doors to international opportunities and provided insights into different markets and industries. The MSc experience cultivated a passion for continuous learning and after completing it, I also started my PhD where I gained academic experience.”

Mayra Souza

Mayra Souza (Class of 2010)

International Flavors & Fragrances, Global Trade Director

“Studying for my MSc in International Business in Birmingham was a truly transformative journey. Coming from the countryside of Brazil, I embarked on a challenging endeavour to study in a foreign language. Nevertheless, the academic experience I encountered and the unwavering support I received were nothing short of remarkable. The opportunity to immerse myself in a multicultural environment proved invaluable. It significantly expanded my horizons and introduced me to fresh perspectives. But it wasn't solely about work; I also forged friendships that transcended borders, creating a global network of like-minded individuals. This transformative experience propelled me to the forefront of global executive positions in multinational corporations, enabling me to pursue my passion for international trade. Birmingham served not only as a steppingstone but as a cornerstone in my journey towards success. It serves as a reminder that, with dedication and a supportive community, one can achieve their dreams, regardless of how far from home they may be.”

Nattida Supharbsophon

Nattida Supharbsophon (Class of 2011)

Reckitt, Global Head of Talent Management

“My decision to pursue an MSc International Business has had a significant impact on my career trajectory, shaping my perspective in various professional responsibilities I have embarked on. Through practicing real life business cases, developing cultural awareness, and network building, this educational path gave me a worldwide perspective and a sense of challenges corporates are facing. From my early career roles to my current position as Global Head of Talent, these fundamental knowledge have consistently served me well. Furthermore, the programme's emphasis on strategic thinking and global leadership skills continues to enable me to make informed decisions, cooperate with diverse teams, and effectively manage talent on a global scale, which significantly contributes to the success of my ongoing professional journey.”

Jamal Deesi

Jamal Deesi (Class of 2011)

Monzo Bank, Operational Risk Manager

“Completing the MSc in International Business at Birmingham University has been a transformative journey from a career perspective. The program’s comprehensive curriculum, which delves into various business disciplines which has equipped me with invaluable skills and insight. One of the highlights of the program was the practical relevance of the coursework, the models seamlessly blended theoretical frameworks with real-world case studies, providing a holistic understanding of how international business operates in today's complex landscape. The emphasis on research and analytical skills in the dissertation phase was particularly beneficial. Conducting in-depth research on my subject matter which has contributed not only to academic growth but also providing tangible skills I could employ in my career. I am forever grateful for my time in Birmingham University and to the brilliant academic staff who always supported my colleagues and I whenever we needed it.”

Friedrich Wilhelm Heidemann

Friedrich Wilhelm Heidemann (Class of 2012)

Audi Interaction GmbH, Team leader Finance, Controlling and Processes

“The class 2011/2012 was my year and I can say it was the most memorable as well as open minding year of my studies. The international study environment came on a higher level compared to the even international audience I had in Berlin and Hamburg before. It widened my horizon due to the shared experiences of my lecturers, their examples and of course of my classmates from all over the world. The study system and curriculum asked on the one hand for more interdisciplinary and international thinking which gave insights to matters aside business and offered connections and relationships never seen before. On the other hand, academic theories in connection with practical examples gave specialist knowledge which were “food for thoughts” in various fields and encouraged lifelong learning. This way of thinking led and leads me through all my positions and projects – and my teaching to show students: focusing on a task is important, but understanding the reasons, circumstances, interactions and consequences of activities as well as actions should never be underestimated – this was and is always my point. Finally, the personal relationships gained in that year offered new insights to life and perspectives – and some of them last.”