Seven people (three women and four men) sitting on a stage speaking to an audience.
Panel discussion between academics at the University of Birmingham's Global Health Research Showcase. Image: Nicola Gotts Photography.

The 2024 Global Health Research Showcase brought together (in person and online) celebrated academics in the Global Health field discussing their areas of work and the links between evidence to policy and change. There were speakers not only from the University of Birmingham, but also institutions such as the World Health Organization, The British Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the National Institute for Health and Social Care Research and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

Presentations, panel discussions and videos during the day highlighted the importance of the work undertaken by researchers from the University of Birmingham, working in partnership with organisations in different countries such as China, India, Kenya and more, to conduct research which is locally impactful and sustainable.

The event also included a strong focus on networking, to generate more conversations around global health and encourage relationships between researchers and stakeholders from different disciplines to build connections and opportunities for collaboration.

The University of Birmingham is working with global partners to pursue research in a wide range of health areas, helping to narrow inequalities by providing locally-relevant evidence to give the world’s most vulnerable people a chance to access better health information and healthcare.

Professor Rachel Jordan, Director of Global Engagement for the College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Some of the academics speaking about their work included:

  • Professor Arri Coomarasamy on the E-MOTIVE Trial surrounding post-partum haemorrhage
  • Professor Charlotte Watts from the FCDO discussing the impact of scientific research policy
  • Dr Gershim Asiki from the African Population and Health Research Centre
  • Professor KK Cheng from the Institute of Applied Health Research (IAHR) and Professor Chunhua Chi from Peking University First Affiliated Hospital discussing primary care development 
  • Professor R Surenthirakumaran from the University of Jaffna on collaboration with the University of Birmingham.

An introductory video also allowed University of Birmingham researchers to briefly share the context of their various projects:

Three people (two boys and a girl) talking on an open-roofed building in India
The variety of global health research being undertaken at the University of Birmingham

The showcase was held in the Exchange Building in Centenary Square, the University’s specially curated space for collaboration in the heart of the city centre.