Judge's hand holding a gavel.

The Court of Appeal today rejected an argument that the Home Secretary’s decision to strip Shamima Begum of her British citizenship was unlawful. This is, however, a case in which the battle lines are very strongly and starkly drawn, and the fight is set to continue.

Shamima Begum's team is arguing that insufficient attention was paid to a number of mitigating factors. The Home Office will fiercely defend the – so far accepted - line this is a decision a politician was correctly empowered to make. It seems clear, however, that the judges who have heard this case more recently (also those in the Special Immigration Appeals Committee (SIAC) last year, who have access to classified documents) are not unsympathetic to the idea that there are arguments Ms Begum can reasonably wish to be heard because the decision against her seems harsh in light of them.

Her team will continue the fight. Despite her public notoriety, they likely also see value in continuing to force the public to ask themselves whether it is right that a - as they see her - vulnerable, groomed and exploited 15-year-old should be judged as she has been and have to suffer such harsh, life-long consequences.