Shaping NHS Leaders

We are proud to invest our time and expertise in to the future leaders of the NHS. Following academic study a large proprotion of our graduates from the Health Services Management Centre (HSMC) are employed by the NHS and use their skillset to bring about postive change and service improvement for the health service.

Helping to develop the NHS leaders of the future

NHS Leadership Academy programmes are a set of national NHS professional development programmes combining successful leadership strategies from international healthcare, private sector organisations and academic expert content. The Health Services Management Centre (HSMC), working with Alliance Manchester Business School, working in a Consortium led by KPMG has been commissioned to support the NHS Leadership Academy to deliver professional development programmes available to over 25,000 staff including doctors, nurses, Allied Health Professional, healthcare scientists and HR and finance staff.

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Below: HSMC Director Judith Smith speaks about how proud she is of the achievements of the NHS Leadership Programme: 
NHS Leadership Development Programme

"The NHS is a highly complex set of organisations, systems and structures, with a rich history, and huge challenges, which staff, patients and the public deserve its leaders to fully understand. Doing an MSc at HSMC gave me the opportunity to study the NHS in detail, and to get underneath every aspect of how it works, and who it works for. The lectures, seminars and essay writing all provided hugely valuable learning that went on to inform my practice as an NHS manager and now a Chief Executive. I also met some amazingly clever academics along the way who, to this day, remain a source of perspective and guidance."

Sarah-Jane Marsh
Chief Executive Officer, Birmingham Women and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, D.Univ, 2017
(MA Russian and East European Studies, 2000; PG Diploma Health Care Management, 2002; MSc Health Care Management, 2005)

Sarah-Jane Marsh

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