Degree Apprenticeships information for employers

Degree Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to support the diversification of your workforce, and engage students from backgrounds who may not be attracted by more traditional forms of study.  At the University of Birmingham we are proud of the work we do to widen participation in Higher Education, and to support social mobility in the professions.

Our Access to Birmingham (A2B) Scheme is one of the biggest of its kind, and our activities engage thousands of young people throughout their secondary education.  We would be pleased to work with you to ensure that students from a wide range of diverse communities are able to access the new opportunities which Degree Apprenticeships bring.

If your business pays the Apprenticeship Levy you may be able to utilise this to fund Degree Apprenticeship training with the University of Birmingham, for new and existing employees.

What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

For employers in England whose annual pay bill is over £3 million, 0.5% of the annual pay bill is held in a Digital Service Account which acts as the Apprenticeship Levy.  Funds held within the Digital Service Account can be used to pay for training.  Further guidance on the Apprenticeship Levy can be found here.

Funds held within the Digital Service Account can be used to pay for apprenticeship training.

What are the benefits for employers?

Degree apprenticeships benefit employers in a number of ways by allowing them to:

  • Have a flexible learning programme that is tailored to specific business needs
  • Expand workforce diversity by providing new opportunities and routes into education and employment for talented individuals
  • Recruit high-calibre future leaders who are likely to want to remain with an organisation after graduating
  • Share new academic, vocational and technological knowledge throughout the workforce
  • Upskill existing employees to fill high-level skills gaps
  • Develop existing staff through apprentice mentoring

Our expertise

The University of Birmingham has been educating students for over a century, and we have a wealth of experience in partnering with business and industry to find solutions to real world issues and to deliver bespoke, innovative education and training, evidenced by our longstanding collaboration with KPMG, and our nationally acclaimed Online MBA, delivered in partnership with Wiley.

Our diverse portfolio of programmes, from science and engineering through to business and law, public health, and education means that we have the expertise to meet your requirements and your apprentices will benefit from exposure to sector-leading research and Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF) rated gold-standard teaching.

Success and impact

The University’s first degree apprenticeship was a collaboration between the School of Computer Science and PwC. The four-year BSc Computer Science with Digital Technology Partnership programme saw 38 apprentices in its first year combining university life with practical work-based technology projects at PwC.

The University is running the following Degree Apprenticeship programmes:

Key projects

The University is currently working with a range of businesses to develop further degree apprenticeship programmes in sectors such as:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Food Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Local Government
  • Materials Science
  • Public Health
  • Education
  • Rail

Getting in touch

If you are interested in learning more about our Degree Apprenticeship programmes or would be interested in partnering with us to develop a new Degree Apprenticeship, please email us at: