Short course

Advanced Statistical Methods

This short course will enable you to develop your understanding of the statistical basis of generalised linear modelling (GLM) and its application in different situations, including the GLM regression output from more complex data analysis methods.

Start date
15-19 January 2024
5 days
Home - £565 International - £1,480
Postgraduate microcredential
10 credits


This module will build on your learning about statistical principles and methods gained in previous modules. Through the use of data sets, you will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills of data methods related to analysis of individual epidemiological studies.


On completion you should be able to:
• Understand the statistical basis of generalised linear modelling (GLM);
• Apply GLM methods to different epidemiological designs (i.e. clinical trials, cohort and case control studies);
• Apply GLM methods to different study outcomes (i.e. binary, continuous and survival);
• Understand and interpret GLM regression output from data analysis, including understanding assumptions, limitations and when more complex analysis methods are recommended.

Attendance Required

1 block week of teaching.


One written assignment.


Dr Alice Sitch
Prof Karla Hemming

Stand Alone Course

  • Advanced Statistical Methods can be taken as a standalone course. It can be assessed or non assessed.
  • All applications must be received a minimum of one month before the start date of the module.
  • Degree level entry requirement.
  • For further information or to apply, please contact the Programme Administrator: