Introduction to Leadership and Management for Health

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Postgraduate, Continuing professional development, Module

Introduction to Leadership and Management for Health

This module provides an introduction to management for students from a range of professional and academic backgrounds. Its aim is to examine the main components of management in a way that is accessible to students with different levels of experience of working in organisations. Using health care organisations as a focus it explores the key elements of managing self, managing teams and managing organisations to enable students to develop a critical perspective on organisation. It focuses on the use of theory and research to build an understanding of management and leadership in organisations.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module you should be able to:

1. Discuss broad conceptual approaches to the study of management

2. Examine management of self; management of teams; management of the organisation as a framework for the practice of management.

3. Analyse critically specific theories of management and leadership and their utility in increasing understanding of organisations

4. Examine the rationale for and effectiveness of change strategies utilised in health care organisations.

5. Evaluate critically the concept of organisational culture and its applications in managing health care.

6. Critique relevant research to inform an analysis of health care organisations.


10 credits

Module Attendance Required

Module dates to be confirmed


One written assignment

Module Coordinators

Module Lead: Iain Snelling

Standalone Course

This module can be taken as a standalone course if required.

The module can be taken as an assessed or non assessed week To apply, please contact the Programme Administrator, 0121 414 7577, or at Applications must be received a minimum of one month before the start date of the module. For further information on fees or entry requirements, please contact the Programme Administrator.

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