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Radiation Physics

Course Type
Postgraduate, Continuing professional development, Module

This module will give you a broad knowledge of medical physics as it applies to the clinical practice of radiotherapy. Theoretical as well as practical aspects of handling and calculating radiation doses will be covered. The course is modelled on the physics syllabus of the FRCR Part I examinations and will therefore provide suitable preparation for this professional examination.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Explain the basic physics principles that underpin radiotherapy, e.g. types of radiation, atomic structure etc;
  • Explain the principles of radiation dosimetry;
  • Explain the principles of therapeutic radiation physics including X-rays, electron beam physics, radioactive sources, use of unsealed sources and Brachytherapy;
  • Describe how to use radiotherapy equipment both for tumour localisation, planning and treatment;
  • Define quality assurance and quality control, in the context of radiotherapy and the legal requirements;
  • Explain the principles and practice of radiation protection, dose limits, screening and protection mechanisms.

20 credits

Module Dates 2019-2020
Students must attend both weeks

24th-28th February 2020 - Radiation Physics I
30th March-3rd April 2020 - Radiation Physics II

After the end of the first week of teaching, the students will be required to complete a series of structured question problems, based around the requirements of the FRCR Part I examinations and contribute 30% towards the overall module mark. At the start of the second week a tutorial will go over these questions, then later that week, students will do an MCQ exam based on the first weeks teaching (20%). At the end of the second week of teaching, students will have to complete a critical appraisal based written assignment (50%).

Academics involved in the delivery of this module

  • Dr Stuart Green, Head of Medical Physics, University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust
  • Hon Professor of Radiological Physics, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham 

Stand Alone Course
This module can be taken as a stand alone course if required. For further information please contact:

Programme Administrator

Tel: +44 (0)121 414 3803

Fee if taken as a stand alone course

Entry requirements if taken as a stand alone course
6 months oncology experience and holding a degree, preferably a 2.1 or equivalent qualifications in an appropriate medical/scientific subject.

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