Research Methodology in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation

Research Methodology in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation

This module allows students the opportunity to further develop their research skills within sport, physical activity and rehabilitation. It will cover the practical usage and critical analysis of methodologies, including studies that utilised empirical data collection as well as review based research.

The content will include a focus on positionality, research writing, research questions, design, data gathering, interpretation and data analysis, reporting, ethics, and issues such as sampling, carrying out research with adults and juniors, working in different social and cultural settings, applying findings to practice.

Learning Outcomes 

The module will provide students with an essential understanding of conducting research in a real world sport/physical activity/rehabilitation environment and will provide a firm grounding for their masters dissertation research.


20 OR 30 Masters level credits (dependent on degree programme)

Module Attendance Required

Delivery in Term 1: Two blocks of face to face delivery in October (2 days) and November (3 days). All teaching will be recorded via PANOPTO and attendance is not compulsory.

Delivery in Term 2: Online line only delivery of content delivered in term 1. 

Module Dates 

Term 1 assessments:

  • 3 assessments are made
  • 1500 word essay due in late October early November
  • 2500 word essay due in Late November early December
  • Group Presentation in December

Term 2 assessments:

  • 3 assessments are made
  • 1500 word essay due in late October early March
  • 2500 word essay due in Late April 
  • Group Presentation in May


3 Assessments:

  • Assessment 1 (compulsory)
    1600 word essay provides students with an opportunity to consider their position relative to the research paradigms. Student will write the essay including content that relates to the 4 points below around this topic given by tutors.

  • Assessment 2 (compulsory)
    2500 word essay. Students will be required to undertake a ‘methodological case study’ . This will involve them identifying a practical or theoretical research problem and designing an in depth research project to address the problem, providing a critical analysis in relation to alternative approach in the literature.

  • Assessment 3 (30 credit version only)
    5 minute group presentation with 5 minutes of questions following. Students will be asked to identify a theoretical or practical research question, consider the importance of this question to society  and present an overview of current methodological approaches. 

Module Leaders 

Dr Matt Bridge, Senior Lecturer in Coaching and Sports Sciences

Dr Andy Soundy, Lecturer in Physiotherapy