International students

For International students there are additional tasks you will need to do as soon as you arrive. You may also want to access additional support, such as language support.

When you arrive

What to do and where to go will depend on what you are asked to do in any communications sent to you prior to arriving  at Birmingham.

International students are required to complete additional requirements:

  • If you are an international, EU or EEA student, you will need to have a Right to Study (RTS) check when you first arrive at the University. This allows the University to ensure that you have the right to study in the UK. 

    If you are an international student and have chosen to collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from campus, you will need to request an appointment with the International Student Team (IST) to collect it from the International Welcome Hub.  If you have collected your BRP card from a Post Office, or do not need a BRP, your Right to Study check will take place in the International Welcome Hub.

    You will need to attend in person, and bring the following items:

    • Your passport, including your visa
    • Your student ID number, which is included on your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
    • Your BRP card (if you have one)

    You will receive your student ID card once your RTS check has been completed.

  • Register with the police. Students arriving from certain countries are required by law to register with the police either on arrival or within seven days of arrival. It will state on your visa decision letter if you are required to do this.  There may be some appointments for police registration on campus, alternatively you can attend the police station in the city centre.

Your first weeks on campus

English Language support

We provide language support for all international students while they study at Birmingham; ranging from workshops and lunchtime classes to individual appointments and online learning.

Explore our English Language support