48 frames per second: challenging our emotional attachment to film

James WaltersWith Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' due to be released in December 2012, Ideas Lab's Andy Tootell chats to Dr James Walters, senior lecturer in Film and Television Studies at the University of Birmingham, about the director's controversial decision to shoot the fantasy epic at 48 frames per second instead of the standard 24fps.

After Warner Bros. screened 10-minutes of footage from the forthcoming movie at CinemaCon 2012 last month it got mixed reviews, with some audience members claiming that the higher frame rate made the footage look like a soap opera, which gave the experience an unpleasant, artificial feel. James gives his own fascinating take on the Hobbit debate that's currently raging and also talks about plans to establish a Centre for Film Studies at the university, which will enable academics to share ideas and discuss the kinds of issues that films and filmmaking often bring to the fore. As we appear to be on the cusp of a significant development in film technology, it's an exciting time to be a film lecturer!

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