Postgraduate researchers

School of English, Drama, American and Canadian Studies

PhD candidates

Ruth Caddick, ‘An Edition of the Older Scots Romance Clariodus’. Supervisor: Dr Emily Wingfield

Neelam Hussain, ‘The Compilation & Career of Kitāb Sirr al-Asrār’. M3C AHRC award holder. Supervisors: Prof. Wendy Scase and Dr Richard Todd

Andy Hyde, ‘An Epic Redemption: Re-reading Some Aberrant Eleventh-Century Bodies’. Supervisor: Dr Philippa Semper

Jim McTear, ‘A Critical Study of Andrew of Wyntoun's Original Chronicle’. Supervisors: Dr Emily Wingfield and Dr David Griffith

Hannah Millard, ‘The ‘Wyrm’ in Anglo-Saxon Literature and Culture’. Supervisor: Dr Philippa Semper

Mary Ward, ‘Imaginary landscapes in Old English literature’. Supervisor: Dr Philippa Semper 

MRes candidates

George Belgrove, ‘Melancholy and Medicine in Late Medieval English Poetry’. Supervisors: Dr Victoria Flood and Dr David Griffith

Katie Richards, ‘Impairment and Chronic Illness in Old English Literature’. College of Arts and Law Scholarship. Supervisor: Dr Philippa Semper

Rachel Tudor, ‘The Old English ‘Order of the World’’. Supervisor: Dr Philippa Semper

MLitt candidates

Imogen Corrigan, ‘The nature and function of the foliate head in the medieval English parish church’. Supervisor: Dr David Griffith 

Recently completed

Rebeca Cubas-Peña, ‘Every practitioner his own compiler’: Late medieval practitioners and the compilation of Middle English medical books, with special reference to York Minster Library, MS XVI E. 32' (PhD). Supervisor: Prof. Wendy Scase, 2016

Anna Gottschall, ‘The Pater Noster and the laity in England c.700 – 1560, with special focus on the clergy’s use of the prayer to structure basic catechetical teaching' (PhD). Supervisor: Prof. Wendy Scase, 2016

Emily Rozier, ‘The Galaunt Tradition in England, c. 1380 - c. 1550: The Form and Function of a Satirical Youth Figure’ (PhD). Supervisor: Prof. Wendy Scase, 2016

Gabriel Bell, ‘Able to stonde among the Worthi Nyne!’: The Use of the ‘Tenth’ Worthy as Political Propaganda in England and Scotland’ (M Res). CAL funded. Supervisor: Prof. Wendy Scase, 2016.

Hannah Millard, ‘The Uses of Atypical Text in Anglo-Saxon Literary Contexts’ (MRes). Supervisor: Dr Philippa Semper, 2017 

School of History and Cultures

PhD candidates

Lucrezia Campagna, ‘Ceramics and society in Rome in the central middle ages’, Supervisors: Dr Chris Callow and Prof Chris Wickham

Jonathan Dugdale, ‘An entangled history of Liao architecture’, AHRC award holder. Supervisors: Prof. Naomi Standen and Dr Dominik Maschek

Frances Durkin, ‘Crusade Preachers: Identities and Impact, 1095–c.1215’. Supervisor: Dr. William Purkis

Georgina Fitzgibbon, ‘Comparisons, Connections and Contexts: Cistercian Monasticism and the Cult of Saints’ Relics, c.1100-c.1250’. M3C AHRC award holder. Supervisors: Dr William Purkis and Dr Simon Yarrow

Geoffrey Humble, ‘The politics of portrayal: narrative and rhetoric in Yuanshi biography’. AHRC award holder. Supervisor: Prof. Naomi Standen

Li Wanchun, ‘A study of the relations between the Arab Caliphate and other political entities (the Sogdians, Chinese, Turks and Tibetans) in Transoxiana from 705 to the 810s’. Supervisors: Dr Arezou Azad and Prof. Naomi Standen.

Lance Pursey, ‘The Inconvenient North: Mobility and Settlement in the 11th Century Liao and Song’, project student on AHRC Research Grant: Understanding cities in the premodern history of Northeast China, c. 200-1200. Supervisor: Prof. Naomi Standen.

Ian Styler, ‘An Analysis of the Longevity, Influence and Success (or Otherwise) of the Shrine of St Æthelthryth at Ely’, College of Arts and Law Doctoral Scholarship. Supervisors: Dr William Purkis and Dr Simon Yarrow

Steve Walker, ‘Politics and Identity in post-Roman Cumbria’. Supervisor: Dr Chris Callow

Laura Whitehouse, ‘Gendering burial assemblages in early Anglo-Saxon England’. Supervisor: Dr Roger White

Xie Chen, ‘Collection and patronage of the arts by Tang courts’, Li Siguang Scholarship 2016-19. Supervisors: Prof. Naomi Standen and Dr Liz L’Estrange

Xue Chen, ‘Breaking the boundaries: the historical identity of Khitan Liao and its interpretations’, College of Arts and Law Doctoral Scholarship 2015-18 and Neville Chamberlain Postgraduate Scholarship 2015-16. Supervisor: Prof. Naomi Standen

MRes candidates

Moayad Hanoush, ‘Devotional Practice in the “Counter-Crusades”’. Supervisors: Dr William Purkis and Dr Arezou Azad

Leah Ruston, ‘Jewish settlement in England, 1066-1190’. Supervisors: Dr Simon Yarrow and Dr Miriam Muller

John Seasholtz, MA by Research DL PT. ‘The Economic Impact of the Camino de Santiago on Local Communities in Medieval Spain’. Supervisors: Dr William Purkis and Dr Simon Yarrow

Visiting students

Liu Yu, ‘Comparative studies on Nestorianism and Catholicism in Yuan China’, China Scholarship Council visiting student from South China Normal University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, PRC. 2016-17. Supervisor: Prof. Naomi Standen. 

Recently completed

Michael Alley, ‘Was the Norman Conquest of Sicily, 1060–91, a Proto-Crusade?’ (MRes). Supervisor: Dr William Purkis (2016)

Bernadette McCooey, ‘Farming Practices in pre-modern Iceland’ (PhD). Supervisor: Dr Chris Callow (2016)

Ryder Patzuk-Russell, ‘The Development of Education and Grammatica in Medieval Iceland‘ (PhD). Supervisor: Dr Chris Callow (2017)

Beth Spacey, ‘Miracles and Marvels in Latin Narrative Histories of the Crusades, 1095–1204’ (PhD). Supervisor: Dr William Purkis (2016)

Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies

PhD candidates

Annika Asp-Talwar, ‘ Trebizond and Constantinople, 1253-1452’. M3C AHRC award holder. Supervisor: Dr Ruth Macrides

Andrew Blackler, ‘The medieval towers of Greece: re-interpreting their roles in the light of a reconstruction of Late Medieval Euboea’. Supervisor: Dr Archie Dunn

Alistair Davidson, ‘Usurpation narratives’. Supervisor: Dr Ruth Macrides

Élie De Rosen, ‘The fate of the Byzantium’s urban settlements in Greece from the ninth to the eleventh centuries’. Supervisor: Dr Archie Dunn

Alex Feldman, ‘Byzantium, the Black Sea littoral and the End of Antiquity and the Migration Periods on the Steppe and Crimea: ca.800-1204’. Supervisor: Dr Archie Dunn

Anna Kelley, ‘Threads of History: Mediating the Late Antique and Early Medieval Cotton of Text, Excavation and the Museum’. George Henry Marshall Doctoral Award and Westmere Postgraduate Scholarship for College of Arts and Law.   Supervisors: Prof. Leslie Brubaker and Dr. Gareth Sears

Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger, ‘Power in eleventh-century Byzantium: Rethinking its nature from an interdisciplinary approach’. M3C AHRC award holder. Supervisor: Dr Ruth Macrides

Thomas Markiewicz, “The cultural origins of the Crusader fortifications and their social and administrative importance within their landscapes”. Supervisor: Dr Archie Dunn.

Ali Miynat, ‘Cultural and socio-economic relations between the Turcoman states and the Byzantine Empire, with a corpus of Turcoman coins in the barber Institute of Fine Arts’. Supervisor: Dr Archie Dunn

Stephanie Novasio, ‘The late Byzantine life course’.  AHRC M3C award holder.  Supervisor: Prof Leslie Brubaker

Joseph Parsonage, ‘Dynastic evolution in the middle centuries of Byzantium’. Supervisor: Dr Ruth Macrides

Mike Saxby, ‘Remilitarizing the Byzantine imperial image: a study of numismatic evidence and the visual media 1042-1453’. Supervisor: Dr Ruth Macrides

Flavia Vanni, ‘Byzantine stucco decoration 850-1453. Cultural and economic implications across the Mediterranean world’. AHRC M3C award holder.  Supervisors: Prof. Leslie Brubaker and Dr. Ruth Macrides

Jessica Varsallona, ‘Palaiologan architecture in Constantinople: the history of buildings, stratigraphic analysis, and infrared thermography (IRT)’. BRIHC fellowship. Supervisors: Prof. Leslie Brubaker and Dr. Ruth Macrides

Lauren Wainwright, ‘Portraits of Power: Female Imperial Imagery in the Byzantine Empire’. AHRC M3C award holder.  Supervisors: Prof. Leslie Brubaker and Dr Elizabeth L’Estrange

Wei-Shing Lin, ‘The dynamics of the thirteenth- and fourteenth-century Cilician Armenian economy’. Supervisor: Dr Archie Dunn

Tülay Yeşiltaş, ‘Late Antique and Byzantine secular and religious sites in Dersim (Ancient Sophene) of the 4th to 11th centuries’. Supervisor: Dr Archie Dunn

MRes candidates

James Baillie, ‘Byzantium and the Black Sea, 1150-1215’. Supervisor: Dr Ruth Macrides

Marco Dosi,Rome after Rome.The cult of the state, ideology and propaganda in the reigns of Zeno (474-491) and Anastasius (491-518)’.Supervisor: Prof. Michael Whitby

Recently completed

Jeff Brubaker, ‘Religion and Diplomacy: the Role of the Disputatio in Byzantine-Latin Relations after 1204’ (PhD). Supervisor: Dr Ruth Macrides (2016)

Siren Celik, ‘A Historical Biography of Manuel II Palaiologos (1350-1425)’ (PhD). Supervisor: Dr Ruth Macrides (2016)

Andrea Mattiello, ‘Late Byzantine Mystras and the impact of foreign brides’ (PhD).  Supervisor: Prof. Leslie Brubaker (degree to be awarded 2017/18)

Maria Vrij, ‘Byzantine coinage during the transitional period’ (PhD).  Supervisor Prof Leslie Brubaker (degree to be awarded 2017)