Urban Winds - Get Involved

A major part of the Urban Winds project is the full-scale tests. These involve monitoring the motion of pedestrians and cyclists as they move through a gusty urban environment, while simultaneously measuring the local wind speed using a network of anemometers.

 We need volunteers!

urban-winds-tests1Both the pedestrian and cyclist tests will involve walking (or cycling) a test route outside the Biosciences building on campus. During the tests, you will be fitted with small sensors (shown below) which measure acceleration and changes in body position. From analysis of this data, along with simultaneous measurements of the local wind speed, the research team will be able to quantify how your walking/cycling is affected by wind gusts.

The tests will take approximately 1 hour to complete. As windy conditions will be necessary, the tests may have to be scheduled at short notice (hopefully a couple of days) when strong winds are forecast. Although the tests will take place on windy days, the tests will be stopped if conditions become dangerous, and you may decide to stop the tests at any time, for any reason. The photo above was taken during Storm Ophelia - we don't expect it to be that windy again!

For more information, please contact Dr Mike Jesson (m.a.jesson@bham.ac.uk).