Professor Ales Leonardis Chair in Robotics
Professor Uta Noppeney Chair in Computational Neuroscience


School of Psychology

Dr Ulrik Beierholm Lecturer in Computational Neuroscience
Professor Howard Bowman Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Dr Massimiliano Di Luca

Max Di Luca - Research in 60 seconds video

Lecturer in Computational Neuroscience
Dr Dietmar Heinke Senior Lecturer
Professor Chris Miall Professor of Motor Neuroscience
Dr Andrew Schofield Senior Lecturer

School of Computer Science

Dr Nick Hawes Senior Lecturer in Intelligent Robotics
Professor Andrew Howes Professor of Computer Science
Professor Jeremy Wyatt Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Honorary Members

Professor Aaron Sloman Honorary Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science

Associate Members

School of Psychology

Dr Andrew Bagshaw Senior Lecturer
Professor Kimron Shapiro Chair of Cognitive Neuroscience
Head of School
Professor Alan Wing Chair of Human Movement

School of Computer Science

Professor John Bardnen Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Dr Peter Tino Reader

School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Martin Russell Professor of Information Engineering

School of Chemical Engineering

Professor Mike Adams Professor of Product Engineering and Manufacturing

Research fellows

Charlotte Connor Research Fellow
Dr Joseph Galea Research Fellow
Ansgar Roald Koene Research Fellow
Nandy Millan Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Orna Rosenthal Research Fellow
Dr Johanna Zumer Research Fellow in Computational Cognitive Neuroimaging

Doctoral Researchers

Xiuli Chen
Harry Day
Remi Gau
Alexandra Krugliak
Joana Leitao
Ágoston Mihalik
Hui Song

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