Theory of Computation 

Formula written on a chalk board

We are one of the largest research groups in the world to focus on the logical and mathematical foundations of computer science. Much of our work uses  techniques such as category theory, type theory, proof theory, topology, domain theory, and game semantics, which we apply to deep and conceptual questions in a broad range of areas.

Theory Group 2023

Below are some of our current research programmes and the group members leading each activity:

  • Programming languages
    • Dan Ghica, Mirco Giacobbe, Achim Jung, Paul Levy, Sonia Marin, Vincent Rahli, Uday Reddy
  • Verification and model checking
    • Mirco Giacobbe, Vincent Rahli, Eike Ritter
  • Higher category theory
    • Benedikt Ahrens, Martin Escardo, Eric Finster
  • (Homotopy) type theory and constructive mathematics
    • Benedikt Ahrens, Martin Escardo, Eric Finster, Steve Vickers
  • String diagrams and graphical calculi
    • Miriam Backens, Dan Ghica
  • Proof assistants
    • Benedikt Ahrens, Martin Escardo, Dan Ghica, Vincent Rahli
  • Topology and domain theory
    • Martin Escardo, Achim Jung, Steve Vickers
  • Game semantics
    • Dan Ghica, Paul Levy
  • Proof theory and logic
    • Anupam Das, Achim Jung, Sonia Marin, Uday Reddy
  • Quantum computation
    • Miriam Backens
  • Philosophy of computation
    • Anupam Das, Achim Jung and Aaron Sloman
  • Algorithms and complexity
    • Miriam Backens, Rajesh Chitnis and Anupam Das
  • Game theory
    • Martin Escardo