Session Topics

Session 1: Climate change, variability and potential impacts on Europe’s resiliency to windstorms
For this topic, we welcome discussion on the key role large scale climate factors play on the interannual and intraseasonal variability in European windstorm intensity, location and potential risk. How are these factors developing in a changing background climate, and what may the future of European windstorms look like under climate change scenarios? Is the current model of risk and resiliency to such events adequate for such scenarios?

Session 2: Industry applications and storm quantification: alternative views on risk
The European Windstorm Workshop exists to bring together both academic and industry communities, through the common goal of improving our understanding of windstorm events. By sharing the state-of-the-art implementation of risk modeling, insurance and industry partners can help the academic community focus on the crucial uncertainties, to the benefit of all. In particular, submissions on new and alternative quantification of risk and storm hazards are welcomed.

Session 3: Flooding and wind extremes from a dynamical perspective
To understand the nature of extreme storm events, it is vital to first understand the dynamics of mid-latitude storms. This session welcomes submissions on the genesis, life-cycle, structure and properties of extreme storms, especially focussed on the direct influence of storm dynamics on the observed impacts and risks.

Session 4: Predicting windstorms: weather forecasting and seasonal to decadal prediction
From large scale climate variability to synoptic scale weather patterns, predictability of windstorms ranges from the location of severe weather to changes in the number of events over long timescales. This session provides discussion on new approaches, verification techniques, and a look ahead to the upcoming 2019/2020 winter storm season.