'Europe: Inside out' 

  • Fourth Annual Conference of the Graduate Centre for Europe
  • 25 - 27 March 2010

Whether viewed from within or without - or both - perspectives on Europe are varied and diverse.

Furthermore, the many, changing faces of Europe have been, and continue to be shaped by internal and external impulses, which remain a constant point of discussion for researchers of Europe and its surroundings.

The conference encouraged postgraduate researchers to turn their own definitions of Europe inside out. It examined the role of internal and external actors and factors – and the interplay between these forces - in the historical, current and future development of Europe’s structures, practices, meanings and identities.

This conference brought together postgraduate researchers from a variety of disciplines with the specific aim of learning from other academic approaches and sharing their own. We encouraged an open-minded exchange of ideas about topics we often consider to be embedded in our own research contexts.