Dr Hans Koster


Hans Koster (1987) is an associate professor at the Department of Spatial Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Hans obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and his master’s degree (cum laude) in Spatial Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He  defended his Ph.D. thesis in 2013 on the economics of the spatial structure of cities. Hans is also a Leading Research Fellow at the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, affiliated as Research Fellow with the Tinbergen Institute, as Research Associate with the Centre for Economic Performance (Urban Programme) at the London School of Economics, and as Research Affiliate with the Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Hans’s research concerns the economic analysis of cities, regions and the environment. His interests lie in understanding the functioning of housing and land markets, the agglomeration of firms and people within cities, the consequences of place-based policies, income inequality and segregation within cities, as well as the functioning of retail and commercial property markets within cities. Hans's research relies on big data and the use of advanced econometric techniques.

During his visit, Dr Koster will be presenting an IAS workshop.

Hans has his own website, here: www.urbaneconomics.nl