Mathematics Colloquium

The Mathematics Colloquium is usually held in weeks 5 and 9 of term time at 4pm in Lecture Room A, Watson Building. Information on forthcoming colloquia is given below.


Wednesday 5 February 2020
Alan Champneys (Bristol)
The legacy of Paul Painlevé and how to draw dashed lines with chalk



Previous Colloquia

Table to hold previous events
Wednesday 15th May 2019 Helen Byrne (University of Oxford) Mathematical approaches to modelling and remodelling biological tissues
Wednesday 13th
March 2019
Richard Mycroft (University of Birmingham) Trees in tournaments
Wednesday 13th February 2019 Christoph Thiele (Bonn) Singular Brascamp-Lieb inequalities
Wednesday 28th November 2018 Rob Curtis (University of Birmingham) Sphere-packing, lattices and groups
Wednesday 31st October 2018 Jon McLoone (Wolfram Research Europe) Towards unified computation
Wednesday 11 July 2018

Lauren Williams (UC Berkley)

Particle processes and Macdonald polynomials (Hardy Lecture)

Wednesday 16 May 2018 Sibylle Schroll (Leicester) Graphs and representation theory
Wednesday 7 March 2018 Imre Leader (Cambridge) Tiling with arbitrary tiles
Wednesday 7 February 2018 Steve Otto (R&A) Analysis of variability in golf swings
Wednesday 22 November 2017 Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen (Imperial) Making use of Complex Systems Science to understand the effect on the audience of classical improvisation
Wednesday 25 October 2017 Marta Mazzocco (Loughborough) Colliding holes in Riemann Surfaces
Wednesday 1 March 2017 Benoit Perthame (UPMC, Paris) Bacterial collective movement:  patterns, pathways, scales, models
Wednesday 8 February 2017 Andrew Thomason (Cambridge) Containers in combinatorics
Wednesday 23 November 2016 James Robinson (Warwick) A characterisation of local existence for semilinear heat equations in Lebesgue spaces
Wednesday 26 October 2016 Ruth Misener (Imperial) Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimisation: Energy Efficiency Applications
Wednesday 9 March 2016 Beatrice Pelloni (Reading) Beyond integrability: the far-reaching consequences of thinking about boundary conditions
Wednesday 24 February 2016 Corinna Ulcigrai (Bristol) Mathematical billiards and periodic surfaces dynamics
Wednesday 25 November 2015 Daniel Kráľ (Warwick) Analytic methods in combinatorics
Wednesday 28  October 2015 David Craven (Birmingham) The combinatorics of group rings
Wednesday 18 March 2015 Gernot Stroth (Halle) Sporadic simple groups
Wednesday 11th February 2015 Vassili Kolokoltsov (Warwick) Evolutionary game-theoretic modelling of cyber-security, crime prevention, inspection and corruption
Wednesday 3rd December 2014 Tom Leinster (Edinburgh) The many faces of magnitude
Wednesday 29th October 2014 Robert MacKay (Warwick) A kinematic explanation for gamma-ray bursts
Wednesday 19th March 2014 Reidun Twarock (York) Viruses and geometry – a new perspective on virus assembly and anti-viral therapy
Wednesday 12th February 2014 Leslie Ann Goldberg (Oxford) Spin Systems, Phase Transitions, Sampling and Approximation Algorithms
Wednesday 27th November 2013 Iain Gordon (Edinburgh) Wronskians, Galois Theory and Schubert Calculus
Wednesday 30th October 2013 Mike Gunn (Birmingham) Rotating ultra cold gases - fluid dynamics in the space of analytic functions
Wednesday 8th May 2013 Iain Styles (Birmingham) Inverse Problems in Optical Imaging: Sparsity, Compressed Sensing and Random Matrices
Wednesday 6th February 2013 Tomasz Luczak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan) Critical phenomena in random discrete structures: a guided tour
Wednesday 21st November 2012 Peter Cameron (QMUL) Synchronisation
Wednesday 24th October 2012 Sanju Velani (York) Diophantine approximation: the Lebesgue and Hausdorff theories
Friday 8th June 2012 Benny Sudakov (UCLA) Induced matchings, arithmetic progressions and communication
Wednesday 7th March 2012 Rob Curtis (Birmingham) Groups and graphs
Wednesday 8th February 2012 Richard Pinch (Cheltenham) Solution of Diophantine equations
23rd November 2011 Simon Blackburn (Royal Holloway) What is the probability that a pair of elements in a group are conjugate?
20th October 2011 John Conway (Princeton) The quickest introduction to the Monster
23rd February 2011 Graham Brightwell (LSE) Random partial orders and models of space-time
19th January 2011 Terence Tao (UCLA) The Erdos distance problem and the ham sandwich theorem
1st December 2010 Ben Green (Cambridge) Approximate groups
3rd November 2010 Roger Heath-Brown (Oxford) Counting Solutions of Diophantine Equations 
18th March 2010 Simon Goodwin (Birmingham) Representation theory of semisimple Lie algebras and finite W-algebras
10th February 2010 Caroline Series (Warwick) From Basic Hyperbolic Geometry to Spaces of Kleinian Groups
25th November 2009 Tom Körner (Cambridge) Surnames, Pollen and Shares
28th October 2009 Anne Thomas (Oxford) Lattices for trees and polygonal complexes
11th March 2009 Imre Leader (Cambridge) Pursuit and Evasion
11th February 2009 Deryk Osthus (Birmingham) Hamilton cycles in graphs
26th November 2008 Alan Beardon (Cambridge) Groups, geometry and continued fractions
29th October 2008 Frances Kirwan (Oxford) Moduli spaces and quotients of algebraic varieties by group actions