Dr Claire Palles

Birmingham Fellow | Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences


Where were you previously located?

Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford.

What attracted you to the University of Birmingham?

The chance to work in a dedicated cancer institute where exciting research is being conducted, and the support and commitment shown by the University to early career researchers, such as myself, who are looking to establish an independent research group.

What are you hoping to accomplish while in Birmingham?

To establish a group of my own with happy staff conducting exciting research relevant to cancer patients and their families. I want to generate high impact papers that get my group recognised internationally. 

What medical discovery are you hoping will be achieved in your lifetime? 

Discovery of an effective early detection method for the majority of common cancers. Also the application of this at the population level to avoid people being diagnosed with cancer that is already at the metastatic disease stage.

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