GARFIELD - Global anticoagulant registry in the field

GARFIELDThe Global Anticoagulant Registry in the FIELD (Garfield) is a prospective, multicentre, international registry of patients newly diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF). Garfield is an academic research initiative led by the Thrombosis Research Institute, London. It is designed to determine in real-life practice the management of newly-diagnosed patients with AF with at least one additional risk factor for stroke.

The main focus of Garfield is to capture real-life AF management; it therefore includes male and female patients newly diagnosed with AF irrespective of whether or not they receive treatment. Garfield plans to recruit 55000 patients in more than 1000 sites worldwide. Patients will be enrolled as 5 sequential independent cohorts of 10,000 patients and the follow up period will be 2 years for each cohort. An additional validation cohort of 5,000 patients will be recruited with the first cohort; these will be patients with a diagnosis longer than six months and no longer than 24 months before enrolment and with at least one additional risk factor for stroke.

Enrolment to the Registry in the UK began in June 2011. Garfield is currently live in 89 sites across the UK.

For more information please contact:

Patricia Apenteng