The Stroke and TIA theme of the Birmingham and Black Country CLAHRC is investigating the acute care of stroke and TIA through a combination of data collection along the care pathway (primary, secondary and ambulance care) with mathematical modeling and feedback to commissioners, clinicians and patients aiming to improve care through a series of virtuous cycles.

Sackley is a member of West Midlands Stroke Research Network Executive Committee.

There are several trials of stroke rehabilitation, these include a RCT of occupational therapy in care homes (HTA), additional physiotherapy for the hemiplegic arm (Stroke Association), DARS a RCT of levodopa as an adjunct to rehabilitation (EME), and two studies evaluating new approaches to gait rehabilitation (Stroke Association and RfPB). Sackley is rehabilitation director of the WMLSRN, Ageing priority lead for the WM and a member of the scientific advisory and grant committee of the Stroke Association.