Metallurgy and Materials research

Welcome to the School of Metallurgy and Materials research pages. Here you will find the latest news and information about active research projects taking place within the School. Our portfolio of projects helps provide an understanding of how materials behave and how they can be used and improved; essential to the development of new products. We attract significant levels of funding from Industrial Partners, the European Commission (EC), UK Research Councils and other organisations in order to deliver high quality, high impact research.

Research themes

Advanced Materials Processing

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Driven by innovation in manufacturing methods, our work focuses on application in industry. Our extensive capability includes additive manufacturing, solidification technology and thermomechanical processing via experimental and modelling techniques.

Research initiatives


Materials for Sustainability

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Our interests focus on technologically relevant energy materials, their modelling, characterisation and recyclability.

Research initiatives


Multifunctional Materials and Devices

Close-up of magnetic hard driveWe develop smart materials with wide ranging applications from consumer electronics to biomedical applications. Our expertise includes composites, functional ceramics, polymers and surface engineering.


Materials for Challenging Environments

Foundry worker pouring molten metal into a castingDriven by the behaviour of materials during their life cycle, we have expertise in structural integrity, in-service degradation and the evolution of material properties & microstructure across a range of length scales.

Research initiatives


The quality of the research work in the School of Metallurgy and Materials has been confirmed by our outstanding performance in successive Research Assessment Exercises. The Research Excellence Framework ranked us in the top quartile in the UK for world-leading research. 86% of our research was recognised as internationally excellent and 31% was given the higher accolade of being world-leading. 

Further Information 

Funded research projects

Our research encompasses a wide range of interests in the processing, characterisation, assessment and modelling of materials. We generate in excess of £10m per annum research funding from a range of funding bodies, demonstrating our expertise and proven track record in sourcing and applying for funding. Find out more about our research projects.

Research Newsletter

The School has recently started publishing a research newsletter so share and promote information about our research activities. The newsletter includes information on new grants, new members of staff, events and the support that different teams offer to underpin our research.  The first edition was launched in January 2019: Met & Mat Research Newsletter - Issue 1 - Jan 2019 web

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