About us

The Birmingham Centre for Nuclear Education and Research was launched in 2010 and provides the investment and infrastructure to grow the nuclear expertise and capacity that has existed at Birmingham for over 50 years.

The University of Birmingham is making a significant new investment in the area of Nuclear Engineering, Waste Management and Decommissioning. This is timed to support the UK’s investment in new construction in the Nuclear Power sector, the need to manage the legacy waste, the decommissioning of the current generation power stations and the tremendous challenges in developing the next generation nuclear facilities. The demand for highly skilled graduates and postgraduates is set to rise, which will be met by increasing provision at both levels.

What is nuclear physics?

Our research has ensured that nuclear power is used peacefully and safely; we are making significant contributions in the extension of the lifetime of reactor materials and in the study of effects of radiation damage to nuclear material. We are also helping develop the latest in robotic techniques for the use in safe handling of nuclear waste decommissioning. The research draws in academics from Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Biosciences, Electric and Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy and Materials. This breadth provides integrated, cross-disciplinary expertise to provide the creativity to drive nuclear energy into the next generation of technology.