Nuclear Robotics, Visualisations, Sensors and Control 

Robotics, visualisation, sensors and control are important capabilities in a range of operational activities associated with nuclear plant:

  • Utilising robotics to manipulate hazardous materials.
  • Operating robotics in extreme environments such as underwater.
  • Developing novel low maintenance sensor and analysis systems for extreme environmental monitoring such as those within a reactor.
  • Enhance automatic fault detection and analysis systems. 

Tracked robot climbing stairsWithin this context the ability to create computational 3D interactive scenarios and utilise human interface technologies opens up new opportunities to train operational personnel and provide experience in high pressure, high stress scenarios. The Birmingham Centre for Nuclear Education and Research has internationally-leading capability and experience in this area.

The University of Birmingham is in the process of making multi-million pound investments in intelligent systems research through developing a number of new high-profile positions.

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