Bird Ringing Group

Ringing is a key technique that underpins many studies in field ornithology. To gain skills in the techniques of ringing members of the Centre for Ornithology may join the Birmingham University Ringing Group (BURG).

The group was established early in 2006 and is registered with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) as a group able to provide training. The BTO is the organisation that administers all ringing activities in the UK. It issues licences, supplies rings, co-ordinates training and collates all ringing records.

In order to ring birds, people need to apply to the BTO for a ‘T’ (trainee) permit that allows them to ring birds legally under supervision. Members of BURG ring under the guidance of Group Leader Leigh Nash, who is an ‘A’ ringer and recognised trainer. Leigh has many years of ringing experience and is responsible for the day-to-day ringing activities of the group.


Most bird ringing undertaken by BURG takes place at the Centre’s field site in Chaddesley Woods as part of ongoing research projects. This involves the ringing of breeding adults and nestlings (pulli) when birds are removed from nestboxes during the breeding season. Adults are also ringed during intense mist-netting sessions during the autumn. Other sites more local to the University may also host ringing activity.

A Ringing Blog carrying regular updates on the group's activities can be found here.

Current members of Birmingham University Ringing Group:



Leigh Nash

Group Leader

(Trainer and ‘A’ ringer)

Tony Kelly

(‘A' ringer)

  • Kaat Brulez ( Group Secretary and "C" ringer)
  • Chris Honan ("A" ringer, Trainer)
  • Andy Moss ("A" ringer)
  • Jim Reynolds (‘C’ ringer) 
  • Simone Webber ( ‘C’ ringer)
  • Karen Moss
  • Michael Barstow
  • Alex Royan
  • Dan Hunt