Quantum Matter

Cold Atoms

  • Quantum many body physics: cold atoms in optical lattices.
  • Quantum information: entangled images, quantum memories and quantum simulation.
  • Quantum sensors: optical clocks and precision inertial sensors.

Condensed Matter Physics

  • Studying superconducting, magnetic and electronic properties of materials

Metamaterials Research Centre

  • Metamaterials are materials with exotic optical properties (e.g. negative refractive indices).

Molecular Physics Group

  • The study of the reactions of electrons and ions with neutral molecules at low energies.

Nanoscale Physics

  • Investigating nanostructured surfaces, clusters, atomic manipulation, nanophotonics, nanotools and nonofabrication.

Quantum systems

  • Experiments on ultracold quantum gases, cavity quantum electrodynamics, highly charged ions, and development of quantum devices.


  • Studying condensed matter, cold atom and statistical systems from microscopic to macroscopic.