National Buried Infrastructure Facility (NBIF)

The National Buried Infrastructure Facility (NBIF) is a ‘one of its kind’ facility for research, education and training in buried infrastructure-ground interaction, soil stabilisation and improvement, geophysical sensing, pipeline detection and condition assessment, tunnelling and trenchless technologies, to name but a few.

National Buried Infrastructure Facility walkthrough

The key feature of NBIF is its large pit (25m x 10m x 5m deep), which can be subdivided into smaller bays, with a 10 m x 5 m moveable floor section to simulate subsurface ground displacements. This enables research to be carried out at full-scale or near full-scale under fully-controlled conditions. In addition, the facility comprises:

  • Material storage and test assembly areas
  • Pipeline and small-structure testing rigs
  • Material characterisation facilities
  • Visualisation suite and knowledge transfer rooms
  • Study space

Delivery timescale

National Buried Infrastructure Facility NBIF outsideWe expect to open this new facility in late-2019 and are keen to explore and develop research ideas now and for the future. NBIF will be well placed to facilitate industry secondments to promote and accelerate the translation of our research into industry and share best practice.

Progress update 

February 2018

National Buried Infrastructure Facility (NBIF) site in 2017, prior to works beginningBefore

National Buried Infrastructure Facility (NBIF) site in February 2019, with work underway


April 2019



As the project continues, images of the progress will be added.

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss any research ideas, please contact Professor David Chapman.