Work package 2

Work package 2 (WP2) will be a randomised controlled study to explore the feasibility of the HDHK programme. The study will involve 90 fathers and their children. Participants will be randomised to either a control or intervention group.  

The recruitment will be conducted similar to WP1 i.e. working with local schools and community sports organisations.

Each HDHK programme will aim to recruit 15 fathers, and randomise 60 fathers to the HDHK programme and 30 to the control group.

Interested fathers will be asked to attend a baseline recruitment session or a home visit will be organised to discuss the study, answer questions and for consent to be taken from parents and children participating. Following informed consent, the study measurements will be taken.

Families will be allocated randomly to one of two groups.  If the family is allocated to the control group they will be given the relevant information and receive a free family day pass to their local leisure centre.

We will invite fathers, their families, and the group facilitators to be interviewed to explore their experiences of taking part.