Automated Clinical Epidemiology Studies

Automated Clinical Epidemiology Studies (ACES) is one of the most ambitious Health Informatics projects at our Institute in collaboration with the Health Data Research UK. Designed and developed in-house it is the state-of-the-art automated software framework for day to day epidemiology research using routinely collected data.

The primary aim of this project is to expedite research by automating different parts of epidemiological study designs using Computer Software and Artificial Intelligence. This is not creating intelligent killer robots that will take over epidemiology across the globe but rather developing simple yet powerful tools which take you from the research question to publishable results within hours. This research is focused on finding out:

  1. What are the best methodologies to automate study designs and data extraction from routinely collected database(s) for:
  • Different epidemiological study designs
  • Pharmaco-epidemiology
  • Infant and mother linked studies

2. Identify the ethical implications of automated research and build a governance framework

3. Implement and evaluate adaptation of the Automated Clinical Epidemiology Studies platform to diverse databases globally (ACES: Global)

The aim is to answer clinical epidemiological questions in an automated fashion simultaneously across the globe using different clinical databases without having to worry about data sharing and accompanying governance arrangements. If you believe you have access to routinely collected healthcare data for which the ACES software can be applied and wish to be a part of our global journey or to simply know more please contact Krishna Gokhale or Krish Nirantharakumar.