Women's health

Female GP talking to a female patientThese are projects currently recruiting or in follow up at BCTU. Follow the links for more information:

  • ABA-Feed - Assets-based feeding help Before and After birth for improving breastfeeding initiation and continuation. A multicentre randomised controlled trial with internal pilot
  • C-Stitch - Cerclage suture type for an Insufficient cervix and its effect on health outcomes trial: a randomised controlled trial of monofilament versus braided sutures for insufficient cervix.
  • CSTITCH2 - Emergency cervical cerclage to prevent miscarriage and preterm birth: a randomised controlled trial.
  • GBS2 - Accuracy of a rapid intrapartum test for maternal group B streptococcal colonisation and its potential to reduce antibiotic usage in mothers with risk factors.
  • Giant PANDA - Pregnancy ANtihypertensive Drugs: which Agent is best? In women with pregnancy hypertension, what is the effect of a treatment strategy with nifedipine versus labetalol on severe maternal hypertension and a composite of fetal or neonatal death, or neonatal unit admissions?
  • LOCI - Letrozole or Clomifene, with or without metformin, for ovulation induction in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a 2x2 factorial design randomised trial.
  • PRE-EMPT - Preventing Recurrence of Endometriosis by Means of long acting Progestogen Therapy.
  • ROCKeTS - Refining Ovarian Cancer Test Accuracy Scores: A test accuracy study to validate new risk scores in women with symptoms of suspected ovarian cancer.
  • SEE U - Surgical Evacuation with intraopErative Ultrasound: a pilot trial to assess feasibility.
  • TABLET - Randomised controlled trial of the efficacy and mechanism of levothyroxine treatment on pregnancy and neonatal outcomes in women with thyroid antibodies.
  • UCON - Ulipristal acetate versus conventional management of heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • WILL - When to Induce Labour to Limit risk in pregnancy hypertension - a multicentre, randomised controlled trial.
  • Safe and Effective Medicines for Use in Pregnancy: A Call to Action - A call to stakeholders to come together to examine the evidence, discuss the opportunities, and to co-create solutions.