Our research


BIFoR aims to be an internationally leading Institute that will address two fundamental and interrelated challenges:

The University of Birmingham wants to use this unique opportunity to ensure BIFoR is a truly interdisciplinary research institute. BIFoR will therefore integrate research and education in forests with our global strengths in related areas.

A list of BIFoR related papers from 2014 to date can be found here

Details of ongoing research at the BIFoR FACE Facility can be found here.

The Forest Edge Doctoral Scholarhips programme will offer 20 Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarships at the University of Birmingham over the next three years.  The cohort of 20 doctoral researchers will be brought together around a single Organising Principle: to what extent Forest existence, form and function emerge from detailed interactions within and across scales, from molecules & organisms, to communities and societies.