New Masters programme in "Functional Genome Biology" opens to train the next generation of genome biologists

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Functional genome biology DNA strand

The Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences and the Birmingham Centre for Genome Biology have devised a new Masters of Research programme to train, enthuse and inspire the next generation of genome biology researchers.

The programme has been designed, not only, to consider the fundamental principles of genome biology but also provide hands-on training that reflects current, real-world scientific practice.

Students will undertake taught modules in the areas of Bioinformatics, Genome structure and function, and the use of OMIC technologies in translational research, which will enable students to both analyse and interpret large genomic datasets, design and execute experiments, critically review scientific publications and write grant applications. Assessments will reflect this real-world ethos and give students the opportunity to apply the skills learnt.

Students will be able to utilise the knowledge acquired during the taught modules by conducting a 30-week research project in one of the Centre’s laboratories, which will help develop crucial, transferrable, ‘dry-lab’ and ‘wet-lab’ skills for careers in academia, industry and healthcare.

The programme begins in September 2022. For more information please contact Beckie Stevens  and to apply please visit the website.  

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