CHBH Seminar Series 2020

Upcoming CHBH Seminars will be advertised as they get arranged on the Centre's main events page here.
You can access the recordings of the CHBH Seminar Series 2020 below.


'Understanding the neural mechanisms of individual differences in pain using a translational framework' - Dr Massieh Moayedi - Thurs 28th May 2020
'Predictive listening as double-edged sword' - Prof Nathan Weisz - Thurs 25th June 2020
'Memory, Metacognition, & Mars: Contributions of Cognitive Neuroscience for Martian Habitats' - Dr Richard Addante - Thurs 24th September 2020
'Neural organization of movements for skilled sequence control' - Dr Katja Kornysheva - Thurs 29th October 2020
'Strategic processes in human motor skill learning' - Prof Sam McDougle - Fri 20th November 2020